New Music Video: Jack + Eliza – Floodlights

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Jack + Eliza has recently debuted the music video for their song, “Floodlights.” The single is off of their debut No Wonders EP, which was released last month and available on iTunes and Spotify.

The New York City duo is also excited to take on CMJ next week for four performances. Check out the promotional flyer here and the list of dates below.

CMJ Schedule:

  • Tuesday, October 21st @ 10:30 PM
    Pianos (Banner’s CMJ Showcase)
  • Wednesday, October 22nd @ 2:15 PM
    The Delancey (Pancakes And Whiskey Party)
  • Wednesday, October 22nd @ 10:15 PM
    Rockwood Stage 3 (Deli Mag CMJ Showcase)
  • Saturday, October 25th @ 7:00 PM
    Brooklyn Bazaar (The Wild Honey Bee Hive Birthday Bash)


Feature Friday: Amber Run

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Feature by Bailey Garno

Fresh off of campus, Amber Run is the next Feature Friday from Music Creates Us. For a couple college boys, this group rocks like they’ve been around the block. Joined by Joe Keogh (vocals), Will Jones (guitar), Tomas Sperring (bass), Felix Archer (drums), and Henry Wyeth (keyboard), the Nottingham natives are next on our list of fabulous bands from abroad.

The group is young—both in age and in it’s formation. Their debut EP, Noah, was only released last year. The music video tells a story of exploration and travel, and is currently one of the few videso the band has up. We should certainly hope for more—Amber Run is a good looking crew!

Also highly recommend checking out the band’s chilling cover of Imogen Heap’s “Hide and Seek,” which can be heard on Spotify. Keogh has a boyish charm to his singing, with impressive range. The instrumentals of the group lend to an atmospheric element to the rock genre they have going, and in an interview with The Great Escape, Keogh expressed the band’s collective hope to make music that will be timeless, rather than something that might just be a bang 2014.

With the Reading festival already under their belt, Amber Run is set to tour this upcoming month through England with stops in London, Oxford, Manchester, and their very own home town. Listen to Amber Run on Spotify now, or you can download their past 3 EP’s on iTunes.

James Blake Announces December Tour Dates

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Grammy Award-nominated UK singer guy James Blake returns to the United States for an intimate five-date tour. This will be the first time he performs new music from his forthcoming third full-length album due out next year. This will be his final North American tour for 2014 and DJ support comes from his 1-800-DINOSAUR collaborator and guitarist  Airhead.

Tour Dates:
11/30   Toronto, ON                Mod Club        Tickets may be purchased here.
12/1     Brooklyn, NY              Music Hall        Tickets may be purchased here.
12/5     Miami, FL                    Young Arts      Tickets may be purchased here.
12/7     San Francisco, CA      Chapel            Tickets may be purchased here.
12/9     Los Angeles, CA          Roxy               Tickets may be purchased here.

Single Review: Paul McDonald “Bright Lights”

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Paul McDonald, former American Idol contestant and the other half of the indie-folk duo with actress Nikki Reed, has released a new single, “Bright Lights.” McDonald and Reed have put out two studio albums, but “Bright Lights” comes as a preview for McDonald’s debut solo album.  The album is set to be released in early 2015, though the title has not yet been revealed.

“Bright Lights” already has praise from Billboard, and McDonald’s talent has been compared to big names like Ed Sheeran, Adam Levine, and Rod Stewart.  McDonald’s voice is certainly distinct, yet reminiscent of Passenger’s Michael Rosenberg.  The pitch can be a bit distracting at certain points in the song, particularly the peak of the chorus, but you can see that McDonald does have potential.  The instrumentals in “Bright Lights” are light and beautiful; the underlying piano being the song’s main strength.  Lyrically, the song is not overly unique, though the “I’ll be there for you” sentiment is always a welcome one.

Listen to “Bright Lights” below, and check back with Paul McDonald for more about his upcoming release.

Tuesday Tunes: Songs To Get Through Midterms

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It’s that time again for college students–midterms.  A time when you need any motivation to keep on studying as you try to get through a tough couple of weeks.  What could be better than having an impeccable playlist to help keep you awake and focused?  With this week’s Tuesday Tunes, we provide just that!  Take a look at the songs we’ve picked out to propel you through those exams, and be sure to add your own by messaging us on Facebook or Twitter!

Hurricane” – The Vamps
Riptide” – Vance Joy
Shut up and Dance” – Walk The Moon
10,000 Emerald Pools” – BØRNS
Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked” – Cage The Elephant
Andy You’re A Star” – The Killers
Misery” – The Maine
One Foot” – Fun.
No Money” – Kings of Leon
Flawless” – Beyonce Feat. Nicki Minaj
Don’t Tell Em” – Jeremih Feat. YG
Steal My Girl” – One Direction

Album Review: Hozier

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Review by Bailey Garno

As you all know, my friends and I here at Music Creates Us have been fortunate to cover some truly talented musicians and nothing excites us more than hearing about artists we’ve covered rising to stardom. But with the next album review, this artist is already well on his way to taking the music scene by storm. Irish songwriter of soul Andrew Hozier-Bynes, whose stage name is Hozier, made his ‘Saturday Night Live’ debut this past October 11th and in case you haven’t heard, it was kind of a big deal. Hozier performed “Angel Of Small Death and Codeine Scene” as well as the hugely popular EP track released back in 2013, “Take Me To Church.” We’re here to tell you, don’t stop listening there! The self-titled album, Hozier, is thoroughly satisfying from beginning to end, so much so you may end up listening to it 27 times a day (as I have).

The album starts with a bang. “Take Me To Church,” as has been mentioned, had already garnered Hozier considerable recognition. The bluesy tune has haunting harmonies and powerful piano elements that lend to the darkness of the song. Its music video was released in late September of 2013, and currently has over 13 million hits on YouTube. Rightfully so. The video is set over the backdrop of the anti-gay legislation in Russia last fall, and the story depicts the brutality a young, gay couple faced from a masked mob. It’s a chilling story, even shown in black and white, and Hozier’s vocal abilities sing a song of love without restraint.

Next on the album is an equally soulful song and likely my favorite from the impressive collection. “Angel Of Small Death and Codeine Scene” was also performed on ‘SNL’ and features a choir for vocal back-up. Lyrically rich yet wonderfully simple in the verses, the second track will undoubtedly induce listeners into a stomp-and-clap frenzy.

Continuing with the elements of gospel, “Jackie and Wilson” is the first of Hozier’s more upbeat songs featured on the album. The Irishman does happy just as well as he does dark, though. “From Eden” is a comparable track, with a cheery chorus and choir humming buzzing under Hozier’s own warm voice. There’s an interesting shift instrumentally about three-quarters of the way through that sounds very Spanish flamenco that also makes this song great.

Listening to Hozier, you may pick up on some similarities to The Black Keys. I’m a huge fan of the latter, so the distorted vocals that Hozier uses is thoroughly enjoyable for me. The garage rock that The Black Keys is so well-known for is pretty prevalent off of Hozier, especially in tracks like “To Be Alone” and “It Will Come Back.” These tracks, led by electric guitar and Hozier’s striking vocal resemblance to the Keys’ Dan Auerbach, mellow down the listener’s experience, but are equally noteworthy.

I’m a sucker for the sweet, love ballads and anxiously awaited hearing Hozier’s own take on this. I think that “In a Week” is where we are first offered this softer side, which is smack dab in the middle of the album. Featuring the lovely Karen Cowley, “In a Week” reminded me of an Allison Krause and Robert Plant mash-up—a.k.a. an angelic creation. “Like Real People Do” and “Cherry Wine” are equally moving. The simple acoustics and Hozier’s near whisperings are quite different from the dense, rock sound characteristic of the first half of the album. “Cherry Wine” in particular is so wonderfully uncomplicated; it’s just one of those songs that could move you to tears.

Coming in at a plentiful 13-track total, Hozier shows off all that the singer/songwriter has to offer. There’s so much variety in tempo and vocal range, and with very little to be disappointed over. Searching for faults, “Sedated” does run the risk of being a bit whiney, although the chorus is at least strong, again featuring the gospel choir. “Foreigner’s God” is also weaker comparatively; however, Hozier’s songwriting abilities cannot be understated, even in these less satisfactory tracks.

You’ll be hard-pressed to miss this musician’s fast rise to fame. Megastars like Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran have gushed over Hozier’s far-reaching talents. It is also worth noting that the SNL producers’ recent trend in booking lesser-known artists whose popularity skyrockets after their performances (remember Bastille and Of Monsters and Men?) suggests stardom on the horizon for the Irishman. Hozier is available for purchase on iTunes and streaming on Spotify, so don’t just take my word for his talent; listen now and let us know what you think!

Rating: 4.5/5

Recommended Tracks:
Take Me To Church
Cherry Wine
Angel of Small Death and Codeine Scene

New Music: BØRNS – 10,000 Emerald Pools

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New Interscope recording artist BØRNS released his debut single “10,000 Emerald Pools,” on October 7. Listen to the single above and download it here.

BØRNS will bring his angelic voice across the U.S. this fall starting with dates at this year’s CMJ Music Marathon:

10/23  New York, NY             CMJ/The Windish Agency Showcase, Pianos
10/25  New York, NY             CMJ/Wild Honey Pie Show, Brooklyn Night Bazaar
10/28  Los Angeles, CA         Neon Gold Popshop at The Echo (w/ Circa Waves)
10/29  La Jolla, CA                The Loft at UC San Diego (w/ Grizfolk)
10/30  Stockton, CA              University of the Pacific (w/ Grizfolk)



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