Tuesday Tunes: Girl Power

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All the women who are independent…Tuesday Tunes has you covered.  If there’s one thing we can take aware from the leading superstars in the music industry, it’s that ladies can do it too!  With songs to inspire, make you feel stronger, and give you the confidence for your day, Music Creates Us has a lineup that covers all of that.  So take heed from Beyoncé, Colbie Caillat, and Fifth Harmony, and don’t be shy when you turn this one up.  GIRL POWER!
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***Flawless – Beyonce
Superpower – Beyonce (Feat. Frank Ocean)
Goddess – Banks
Swan Song – Jessie Ware
Werkin’ Girls – Angel Haze
BO$$ – Fifth Harmony
Roar – Katy Perry
The Tide is High – Atomic Kitten
Try – Colbie Caillat
Salute – Little Mix
Stronger – Britney Spears
Problem – Ariana Grande
I’m Every Woman – Whitney Houston
The Voice Within – Christina Aguilera
No Scrubs – TLC

New Single: Sir Sly – “You Haunt Me”

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Los Angeles indie trio Sir Sly has announced that their debut album will be released September 16. The album, titled You Haunt Me, will be released via Cherrytree/Interscope records and is available for preorder today.

Additionally, anyone who preorders the album will receive “Where I’m Going,” “Ghost,” “Gold,” “You Haunt Me” & “Found You Out” as instant grat tracks. Give a listen to the title track below and tell us what you think. You can also find Sir Sly on tour this fall with Wolf Gang.

Album Review: Before the Waves

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Magic Man, the Boston-based indie pop band, has recently released their second album, Before the Waves. The band, now consisting of Alex Caplow, Sam Lee, Justine Bowe, Gabe Goodman, and Joey Sulkowski, has come a long way since first forming as the synthetic duo of Caplow and Lee. Before the Waves is an excellent testament to the power of a full band, and the success that can come with being proactive about growth and change in order to make it in the industry.

The album is unique in regards to the norms of today’s music scene. Its sounds are more of a fun and friendly reminder of the past—specifically the dance music of the ‘80s.

The album opens with, “Texas,” a softer track that is not the strongest for an album’s hook. The lyrics lend it to a summer track, and the chorus picks up just enough to have you moving along to the beat, however.

“Apollo” starts out much stronger than “Texas,” and is immediately reminiscent of a rave or dance party. It also falls right in line with throwbacks like King Harvest’s “Dancing in the Moonlight” (lyrically and musically), and Dexys Midnight Runners’ “Come on Eileen.”

“Paris” is Magic Man’s single off of Before the Waves, and has done extremely well in various song charts. “Paris” is a bit more indie in its feel and flow, with a hint of The Neighbourhood, though in a more upbeat way. Caplow’s vocals paired with the keyboards are especially striking. It is definitely a feel-good song, as well.

“Catherine” is another fun song, seeming to be an ideal song for a road trip. “Chicagoland” is no real standout. The music is a little flat, and falling in the middle of the lineup of the album probably does not help.

“Honey” is a calming break that testifies to the variety that Magic Man can accomplish. It is a little less pop, doing a good job displaying that the band has range and flexibility in their sound.

From the opening notes of “Tonight” and “Out of Mind,” you cannot help but feel these songs belong in a John Hughes film. They have the energy and sentimentality of that era, and the lyrics align with the same themes such as living in the now and living for love.

“Every Day” is a Michael Jackson, “Thriller”-type recreation. It has a great beat and use of musical sounds. The lyrics are light and sweet, adding to the song’s catchiness.

“Waves” is also a retro song that I can only describe as a beach song. The lyrics about a summer love affair just seem to embody California. The song is a musical story, where you can feel the adventure and heartbreak of the love described, as well as picture the setting with an intense vividness. In this simple way, “Waves” takes you on a journey. It becomes more than just a song; it becomes a life. It is one of those songs that you don’t expect to have such an effect on you, but just hits you in a way you won’t forget.

“Too Much” is a good follow up to “Waves.” The two seem to flow together, and “Too Much” helps you unwind and detangle all the emotions from the previous track.

“It All Starts Here” closes the album with a building excitement. It takes a little while to get there, but eventually reaches a climax that nicely summarizes the album. It is the culmination of this summer album, which Before the Waves can easily be described as.

Before the Waves is available to download now, and is also currently streaming on Spotify. Keep your eye out for our upcoming interview with Magic Man, as well!

Rating: 2.5/5

Recommended Songs:

Concert Preview: Animal Years’ Return To Brooklyn

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Who: Animal Years
What: Live performance in their hometown!
Where: Brooklyn Bowl - 61 Wythe Avenue – Brooklyn, NY 11249
When: Thursday, July 31. Doors: 6 PM / Show: 8 PM

Brooklyn band and past Friday Feature artist Animal Years has been gaining a lot of attention since the release of their debut album, Sun Will Rise. The album, which consists of sincere lyrics and impressive instrumentals, was released in May and is now distributed worldwide via The Orchard.

The indie-roots rock band, who has been named one of Downtown Magazines “Hottest Sounds Of The New Season”, will be returning to their hometown of Brooklyn next week to open for Bronze Radio Return.

This is guaranteed to be a great show so we insist you join the band for a fun night of music. Check out the details above and grab your tickets here.


Feature Friday: Jessie Ware

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Feature by Bailey Garno

Clicking through past interviews with Pitchfork, The Guardian, and VH1, I get the sense that south London’s Jessie Ware is very down-to-Earth and candid; an attitude that can’t be easy to maintain when you’ve got an award-winning debut album and legendary producers and artists popping in and out of your studio sessions. The self-proclaimed British, middle-class, Jewish girl is absolutely captivating in both interviews and in her songs, where her sultry vocals float atop often deep, clubby tracks. Recently, Ware, alongside the power duo Two Inch Punch and Benny Blanco (who together go under the guise of BenZel), has released the first UK single off her upcoming new album. Titled “Tough Love,” this song keeps the electronic, gritty edge characteristic of Ware’s debut album, Devotion. But this time around, Ware is experimenting with her range, and the higher register of “Tough Love” proves that she is more comfortable in the game now.

In an interview with Pitchfork this past June, Ware explains how “Tough Love” came to be. “I had just finished a busy American tour, and I was hanging out with BenZel for two weeks in New York last spring to suck it and see what happens.” “Tough Love” is about the problem of being away from someone you love, doing something you love. It’s a surprisingly downtempo track for a single, but it certainly is not lacking in impression. Ware explains to Pitchfork, “It’s realistic that it’s not always easy.”

BenZel has undoubtedly evoked confidence from Ware, but other famous faces have also helped in the production of this upcoming album. Miguel, James Ford (Arctic Monkeys producer), Ninteen85 (co-producer to Drake’s “Hold On We’re Going Home”), and Ed Sheeran have all collaborated with the R&B, pop songstress. With their help and Ware’s own talent, we should expect to hear more laid-bare vocals—as opposed to the layered effect often used in Devotionbut the same relaxed, dubstep elements that characterize this humble talent.

Jessie Ware makes clear that she has a “wicked job” but a job nonetheless. She is currently holding a ballot for tickets to her North American tour (shows in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Toronto, and NYC) and European tour. For more information on dates and ticket availability, visit her official site at jessieware.com.

New Single: Lovelife – “Nova”

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Lovelife’s new single, “Nova”, was dropped this week and has already received  over 65,000 plays. The track will give listeners a taste of what is to come on the band’s upcoming full-length debut out later this year.

Watch the video for “Nova” below and stream it on Soundcloud as well. Tell us what you think and stay up to date with this up and coming band, we’re bound to see great things from them!

Show Review: The Silent Scene

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Review by Emily Kelberman

The Silent Scene – playing their way from a small town in Connecticut to the Big Apple. Fresh off of VH1’s Make A Band Famous, the four young band members played an incredible set on the Lower East Side. Pianos, a popular bar and venue known for housing many great artists, was full of great music on a particularly rainy day in New York. Their refreshing sound attracted countless New Yorkers, even the founder of a popular music site known as ReverbNation, where the band was recently selected as the top Artist of the Week – and this is just the beginning for the Fairfield natives. The members, Richie, Ben, Duran, and Jeff, are young but their talent is unwavering. I was absolutely blown away by the vocals and talent each member possessed and also loved that every member had an important role. Each played an instrument, both Richie and Duran strumming the guitar with added vocals. They were incredibly in sync with one another, creating a great energy for the local bar.

Equipped with keys, drums, guitars, and vocals, I would say this band is destined for success. Their sound is unique and extremely different from what’s on the radio today. The Silent Scene has mastered the modern version of alternative and rock and added a splash of techno to the mix. Their new sound is sure to get a positive nod from the music community, especially with their hits, “Heartbeat” and “Collecting Hearts.”

The Silent Scene is quickly on the rise to fame. At the New York show, a young girl sitting next to me told me she saw them at the park and loved them so much she decided to come to Pianos to check out their music. Looks like the band has found their first groupie! With an increasing number of hits on their social media pages and YouTube accounts, the band is only going to grow and become more renown – and we can’t wait for what is in store! Stay up with the date with the band and pick up their debut, Cities, when it drops August 12.


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